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Drifting along the Blue Danube by Kim Urig – Travelscope Photo Contest Winner

Posted on October 02, 2015

image When Joseph Rosendo contacted me about winning the Travelscope photo contest,... Full Story >

Here’s what viewers say about Travelscope:

I love your programs. But today, watching you treck through Northern Ethopia I was brought to tears several times for the heartwarming way you interacted and danced with the school children. Your presentation and description of the Christian churches, especially St. George in Lalibela was delightful and respectful. I have a short video clip of Epiphany celebration at Lalibela that I show my college students in my Non-Western Cultures course, but your coverage was much more expansive, so I will have to add it to my course materials. Your program, more than any other travel show, is exceptionally educational. A former student of mine is going to Ethopia on a dig this summer. I wish I could go with her. Thank you, Joseph, for your talent, your kindness, your energy, and your thoughtfulness and respect to people around the world. ”